Green Pest Control Bali
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Green Method

  • Spraying in place there is a cockroach infestation . Hot fogging ( fumigation ) and Power spraying in area waterways.
  • Cold Fogging using the ULV ( Ultra Low Volume ) to kill mosquitoes and ticks is a knockdown bed , Mist Blower for a larger scale . Sowing abate the puddle contained mosquito larvae . Hot fogging ( fumigation ) .
  • Control Flies Cold Fogging ( condensation ) . Spreading bait in areas where there are flies such as trash or other areas . Hot fogging ( fumigation ) . Spraying in areas that are infestations of flies . Spraying the area that became the place perkebangbiakan flies .
  • Rat Control : put rat bait using : Pipe gutter to the outside area to prevent the mice from the outside ( Rat entrants ) in order not to get into the building / buildings . Paper box for the area , in order to eradicate the rats that had nested and that may still escape from the outside . installation of a trap for a particular area or as a necessary condition . Controlling routine to prevent the return of impaired rats .
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